Marma Therapy

Pranic healing from India

Based on Susruta Samhita, a very ancient ayurvedic text, marma therapy is a secret technique of treatment of vital points of the body, which are the junction points of muscles, ligaments, bones, joints, nerves and blood vessels.

There are 107 major vital points, called marma, which are pulsating irregular where prana is strongly present and may be inefficient. Marma balance the elements Water-Fire-Air which are always producing imbalance in the body.

This healing system reactivates and reharmonizes these points, removing blocks and aiding the circulation of vital energy (prana) in the body, restoring balance to the body and mind. The marma is seen as a bridge between physical and energetic envelope, and bring direct connection to the Soul “the true governor of our life”. It results in the stimulation of impulse, the magnetic power and the innate human dynamism, and helps to recover from injury and in the treatment of a disease.

Marma is beneficial for many conditions, including the following: Muscular and joint pain, bones problems, Back pain and Muscular strain, Respiratory conditions, Digestion and stomac and elimination problems, Nervous system disorders, Headaches and migraines, Glandular issues, Skin diseases, Stress, anxiety, shock, fears and phobias and depression, Confusion, memory loss and mental focus, Low energy, dizzyness and fatigue, insomnia, Vomitting and temporary disorders (swelling, inflammation), Stimulates the immune system and removes toxins.

"With gentle pressure of my fingers and reciting mantra, I am using my prana. I am a yoga teacher, practicing marma therapy-pranic healing for 2 years since I learnt this technique in 2012 in India from an Indian Yoga and holistic Martial Arts teacher."

Sessions: 60min or 90min

Contact: Sabine ( tel: +36 70 405 2295) - Budapest (Hungary)

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